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                                        Storm McCullough, MBA wears many hats.....

        She is the Founder and CEO of Embrace HOPE Foundation, Inc., a non-profit (501 (c) (3)) organization focused on empowering communities throughout the globe. HOPE focuses on enhancing student achievement and post-secondary outcomes through the implementation of regional and statewide activities for students, families, educators, and administrators. Storm is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority Incorporated; an organization dedicated to public service.

      Storm is extremely passionate about youth entrepreneurship and focuses on making a difference in the lives of families, education, and developing leaders in every community. HOPE is a youth entrepreneurship program that encourages every child to succeed financially and have productive lives. She developed this program to reach the youth in a timely matter in order to prevent their involvement in the juvenile justice system, and to keep them on track to graduate high school and pursue post-secondary education or career opportunities.

      Storm received a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton in finance. Quickly after graduation, she attended Nova Southeastern University receiving an MBA degree in Management. In 2019, Storm will graduate with a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership. She has consciously pursued her Doctorate to help make the world a better place for everyone. Storm was interviewed by VoyageMIA Magazine as being an inspiring entrepreneur and independent business woman.

      From 2012-2018, Storm was recognized by Pam Stewart, Commissioner of Education, for being one of the highest impact teachers in the state of Florida. Whether in a classroom where students arrived already high achieving, or a classroom in which students were under-performing, Storm’s efforts provided inspiration and opportunities to young people that may have been otherwise inaccessible. Storm’s mission is to live a life of purpose and accomplish excellence in ALL areas of life, while motivating and supporting others to do the same. This is a testament to the many years she has spent mentoring youth.


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